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  • Ethiopian Airlines flight diverted from Addis Ababa to St. John’s

    Flight landed at 4 p.m. NT following medical emergency

    By Garrett Barry, CBC News
    January 26,2017

    Ethiopian Airlines, seen here in a file photo, diverted one of its planes to St. John’s on Wednesday. (Tiksa Negeri/Reuters) (CBC)


    A medical emergency aboard a flight bound for Ethiopia’s capital city diverted a plane to St. John’s on Wednesday.

    Ethiopian Airlines Flight 501 landed in St. John’s at about 4 p.m NT, according to Erika Kelland, a spokesperson at the St. John’s International Airport.

    Kelland said there was a medical emergency on board, but had no other information about the incident or how long the plane would remain in St. John’s.

    The plane left Washington, D.C. at 11:30 NT and was set for a flight of about 13 hours to Addis Ababa.

    Source : CBC News

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  • ግዙፉ የመረጃ ማፈላለጊያ ድረ ገጽ ጎግል ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በዛሬው እለት የአማርኛ ትርጉም አገልግሎት መስጠት መጀመሩን አስታወቀ።



    ግዙፉ የመረጃ ማፈላለጊያ ድረ ገጽ ጎግል ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በዛሬው እለት የአማርኛ ትርጉም አገልግሎት መስጠት መጀመሩን አስታወቀ። ከዚህ በፈት ከነበሩት ቋንቋዎች  አማሪኛ ጨምሮ 13 አዲስ ቋንቋዎች አካቶዋል። በዚህ አገልግሎት አማሪኛ ጽሁፍ የጎግል ጹሁፍ ማስገቢ ውስጥ በማስገባት ወደ ሚፈልጉት ቋንቋ እንዲተረጉምሎት ማድረግ ይቻላሉ።

    ሲፈልጉ ደግሞ በተለያዩ ቋንቋዎች የተጻፉት መረጃዎች ኮፒ ፔስት በማድረግ ወድ አማሪኛ ቋንቋ እንዲተረጉምልን ማድረግ ይቻላል። በዚህ አገልግሎትም እንግሊዘኛ፣ ፈረንሳይኛ፣ አረብኛ፣ ስፓኒሽ፣ ጣሊያንኛ፣ ቻይንኛ፣ ራሺያኛ፣ ፖርቹጊስ፣ ስዋሂሊ፣ ሶማልኛ፣ አፍሪካናስ እና ቱርኪሽን ጨምሮ ወደ 104 ቋንቋዎች ይተረጉምልናል።

    አገልግሎቱን ለማግኘትም በሚል አድራሻ ስንገባ ለጽሁፍ ማስገቢያ ክፍት ቦታ ይመጣልናል። እንግሊዘኛ ውይም አማሪኛ በመጻፈ አገልግሎቱ ማግኝት እንችላለን።

    ለምሳሌ የሚከተለው የአማሪኛ ጹሁፍ ወደ እንግሊዘኛ እንዲተረጉምልን እናድረግ።  ውጠቱን ስእሉ ላይ ይመልከቱ ወይም ጹሁፉ ኮፒ ፔስት በማድረግ ውጤቱ ማየት ይችላሉ።

    ጎግል ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ በዛሬው እለት የአማርኛ ትርጉም አገልግሎት መስጠት መጀመሩን አስታወቀ። 


    ፍጽም ትክክለኛ ትረጉ እናዳይጠብቁ ምክኒያቱ አዲስና ሊሻሻል የሚችል ነው።  እናም ማነኛውም ስው እንዲሻሻል አስተዋጾ ማበረከት ይችላል።





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  • ቴዲ አፍሮ በካቲት 26 2008 ሊቀርበው የነበረው የሙዚቃ ዝግጅት ለሶስተኛ ጊዜ ጉዳዩ ይመለከተኛል ከሚለው የመንግስተ አካል ፈቃድ መከልከሉ በፌስቡክ ኦፊሴላዊ ገጹ ላይ አስታወቀ።




    ቴዲ አፍሮ በካቲት 26 2008 ሊቀርበው የነበረው የሙዚቃ ዝግጅት ለሶስተኛ ጊዜ  ጉዳዩ ይመለከተኛል ከሚለው የመንግስተ አካል ፈቃድ መከልከሉ በፌስቡክ ኦፊሴላዊ ገጹ ላይ አስታወቀ።

    ቀደም ሲል በጳግሜ ወር 2007 የዘመን መለወጫ በዓል ዋዜማን ምክንያት በማረግ በላፍቶ ሞል ሊቀርብ የነበረው የሙዚቃ ዝግጅት እና እንዲሁም በመስከረም 16 2008 ዓም የመስቀል በዓልን ምክንያት በማድረግ በተመሳሳይ ስፍራ (ላፍቶ ሞል) “በሰባ ደረጃ ወደ ፍቅር” በሚል ስያሜ ሊካሄድ ታስቦ የነበረው የሙዚቃ ኮንሰርት አስፈላጊው ዝግጅት ተጠናቆ ከሚመለከተው አካል ተገቢውን ፈቃድ ባለማግኘታችን ምክንያት በድጋሜ ፕሮግራሙ መሰረዙ የሚታወስ ነው።

    አሁን ደግሞ በቅርቡ በየካቲት 26 ቀን 2008 በጊዮን ሆቴል ሊካሄድ የነበረው የሙዚቃ ዝግጅት በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ ጉዳዩ ይመለከተኛል ከሚለው አካል ፈቃድ ለማግኘት በተደረገው ጥረት: በየዕለቱ ተለዋዋጭ በሆነ የውሳኔ አሰጣጥና እጅግ አድካሚ ከነበረ ተደጋጋሚ ውይይት በኋላ ለሦስተኛ ጊዜ አለበቂ ምክንያት ዝግጅቱ እንዳይካድ መከልከሉን ለወዳጆቻችን እና ለአፍቃሪዎቻችን ስንገልፅ ከፍ ካለ ይቅርታ ጋር ነው።

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  • Drink Water At The right Time To Stay Healthy

    A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.

    We all know how difficult it is to get ourselves to the gym and to actually work on our physical wellbeing; how difficult it is to follow a diet plan and change our eating habits. But we can start with something small, something simple–

    Drink water

    All you have to do is drink water. Do it at the right time, in the right amount, be consistent, and you’re done. Simple.

    Guzzle up water habitually

    There are wonderful benefits of drinking water. So I suggest, you make it into a habit. Although, it should be emphasized—the important point is—the consistency of doing this. If you do it once or twice a week, you won’t get any benefits. You’ve got do it every day. Make drinking water a habit and you’re on your way to enjoying a long and healthy life.

    Chugging water keeps the doctor away.

    Many people are unaware that drinking water throws a lot of sicknesses out of the window. Consider the Japanese people. Their outstanding wisdom regarding water therapy has stunned health experts across continents. Many people of Nippon descent live beyond a hundred years; in fact, over 50,000 centenarians live in Japan, today. Staggering number, you say? I agree, it’s because they practice the habit of drinking two glasses of water after waking up.

    Drinking water at the correct time maximizes its effectiveness on the human body

    1. Don’t brush your teeth, yet. You must guzzle up 160ml water before brushing. That way, the water you drink won’t be fluoride contaminated. (Toothpaste contains fluoride.)
    2. Avoid any food or drink intake for the next 45-50 minutes after brushing.
    3. Eat breakfast gradually.
    4. After breakfast, don’t eat anything for the next 2 hours.

    When is the best time to drink water and why?

    • Two glasses of water in the morning after waking up (helps activate internal organs)
    • One glass of water thirty minutes before a meal (aids in digestion)
    • One glass of water taking a bath (Helps you avoid high blood pressure)
    • One glass of water before going to bed (helps to avoid strokes and heart attacks)

    You can jazz up your water by mixing it with fresh lemon. Drinking warm water with squeezed lemon can wake your body slowly making getting out of bed a more delightful experience. An expert tip I recommend is use half a lemon if you’re under 150 pounds. If you are heavier than 150 pounds, one whole lemon is suggested. Experts advice health buffs to drink it in two or three gulps in a fairly quick manner. After downing lemon water, don’t take in any food in about half an hour to maximize its benefits.

    Benefits of a lemon water habit

    Drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning.

    Helps Your Immune System: Vit. C, specifically ascorbic acid which lemons has in abundance is necessary for healing wounds. Lemon water is also known to help in breaking up phlegm when you have colds and soothes sore throats. Moreover, drinking H20 when you’re sick is crucial since your body’s defenses are working overtime to fight off sickness. However, I have to inform you, ingesting lemon juice to prevent diseases such as the common cold hasn’t been backed up by science. However, here’s good news, I tried it and it works!

    Heightens Energy & Alertness: The potassium element of lemon helps the brain and nerves function better. This increases your alertness. According to Natural Health Magazine, findings of scientists declare that just a whiff of lemon can improve your feel-good hormones and reduces stress levels. Drinking water properly also aids in this area as studies show that dehydration can drain your energy and drives you to feel sluggish.


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